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Plexus® All Products Brochure

Plexus® All Products Brochure

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The All Products Brochure gives potential customers and Ambassadors a glimpse at the features and benefits of all the wonderful products Plexus offers.

Personalized Brochures are a great promotional tool to easily explain one or many of your favorite Plexus products.

Products included:

Weight Management
  • Accelerator+
  • Balance
  • Boost
  • Lean (Whey)
  • Lean (Vegan)
  • Lean (Vegetarian)
  • MetaBurn
  • Slim Hunger Control
General Nutrition
  • Active
  • Edge
  • Ease Capsules
  • MegaX
  • Nerve
  • Plexus XFactor
  • Plexus XFactor Kids
  • Plexus XFactor Plus
Gut Health
  • Bio Cleanse
  • ProBio 5
  • Slim Microbiome Activating
  • VitalBiome
Personal Care
  • Body Cream
  • Breast Chek Kit
  • Ease Cream
Skin Care
  • Joyōme Illuminating Day Serum
  • Joyōme Intensive Overnight Repair
Dimensions: 8.5in. H x 11in. W - trifold
Paper: 100lb. - coated gloss paper

Updated: 09/27/19